Frequently asked questions

Does my insurance cover telemedicine or telepsych from home?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance policies are both covering these services at this time during COVID according to your individual plan. This may change as the COVID pandemic changes

I am nervous about privacy and getting help.

Because video communications can be done in your home, there has never been a more private way to "get to the office." My Zoom account is encrypted to HIPAA regulations. We can also send a secure text-link for this real-time video encounter. With self-scheduling and an appointment in your home, privacy has never been greater.

I am not very good with computers. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! Call for an appointment and we can do your visit by telephone. Video does work better, so we will help you work thru it. If you can receive a text, have a camera, and decent service on your phone, you have everything you need.

I don't have insurance, but I am ready for help. What do I do?

Please call. There are a number of options we can set up. Our credentialed application counselor can help you through the insurance hoops. It is important to start when you are ready. If that is now, let's go for it. Noone will be denied access to service for inability to pay. There is discounted rates dependent on your financial situation. Please request an application to be considered for discounted rates.