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Montana Hope Community is a management service organization dedicated to supporting the providers serving in the mental health field.  Mental Health nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors have unique challenges.  Provider burnout is extensive and is compounded by the overt lack of services throughout all of Montana and other rural states.  Montana Hope Community offers all the tools needed to enter in to private practice and support the professional in creating a lifestyle that allows for longevity in the practice.


 You employ yourself and set your schedule, limits, and goals.  Montana Hope Community does the rest.  With professional staff to take your calls, schedule appointments, field practice related questions, process billing, address insurances or collection, you are in good hands.  Montana Hope Community operates from the premise that when you can put your faith, family, and personal goals first, you will be fulfilled and satisfied with your role in mental health giving you your best self to serve your clients.  

Being self employed allows you to protect your time and your income.  Only you decide how much time you create for appointments or administration, how you choose to schedule travel, vacation, or personal care.  Preceptorship for students available as is student loan repayment.  Why don't you consider working in mental health today?

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