Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Your first step towards happiness is the decision to make it a priority.  Sometimes that means asking for help.  Help is here.

~Kristin McColly

Meet Kristin


I am a board certified family nurse practitioner and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who has had a private practice for primary care since 2007.  I have had experience in multiple settings including nursing home, primary care, inpatient services, and emergency care.  In the spring of 2020, I earned my post master's certificate in psychiatric, mental health nursing.  Living in rural Montana, I fully recognize the need for greater access to mental health services.  This is the reason I went back to school in this specialty. 


A sound mind is more important now than ever in this current age of uncertainty with the COVID pandemic.  General anxieties and stresses are reaching a fever pitch.  Depression is compounded by isolation and economic hardship.  With the privacy of videoconferencing in your own home or on your phone and with insurances stepping up to the plate, the time has never been easier or more accepting to get the help you need. 

My practice continues to focus on the whole person, family, and community with wellness care and chronic disease management.  And now, I have expanded my practice to provide specialty care in mental health; with medication management and counseling services for mental conditions and addictions.

Practice Areas


Psychiatric Evaluation

An accurate diagnosis is the foundation of treatment.  Thru detailed examination and questioning, the diagnosis informs medication management and therapeutic techniques. 


Genetic Testing

You are unique.  Genetic testing gives insight into the underlying mental conditions.  It also tells us about your specific metabolism for medications so medication decisions are highly informed.


There is a definite science to brain-based diseases.  When medicines are the answer, getting the right ones will get you on the road to mental wellness and recovery.


Substance Abuse

Substances are often used to self-medicate underlying issues.  At first they serve a purpose and may seem to help.  In time, they often contribute to the problem.  No shame; no blame.  My goal is to help you reach your goal.



Talking it out is so helpful!  Through conversation with a specialist, you gain support, insight, and learn tools for improvement. Medications are not always the answer


Full Body Wellness

I have 13 years experience as a family nurse practitioner before adding mental health and mental science specialty. My focus is to optimize general health and minimize side effects.  I continue primary care for those who have entrusted me all these years.